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Relationship coffee, sourcing, roasting, and brewing the best coffee in Oklahoma City.

Art + Coffee - An excellent combination

Every month we bring to our walls a featured artist’s work. By showcasing a diverse array of talent and style, these artists are our partners in creating a stimulating and colorful atmosphere. So come on down and take it all in whilst you sip upon a splendid beverage!

Current Artist: ROBERT FINLEY

As a student photographer for the OU newspaper Robert Finley learned film processing and printing techniques in a traditional darkroom. His journey into large format photography and platinum printing began in 1999. He was tutored by master platinum printer, Tom Millea, Carmel CA, and later, Patrick Alt, Culver City, CA. Robert was a member of the Contact Printers Guild, a small international group of large format platinum/palladium printers that eventually disbanded in 2008. He continues participate in the bi-annual Alternate Process International Symposium, APIS, held in Santa Fe, NM and Pasadena, CA. 

“I am a traditional photographer and I feel art should be created by human hands. The idea of using a small digital camera, manipulating the image in Photoshop, and hitting “print” to produce an “archival pigment” photograph has no appeal to me. Instead, I choose a wood large format camera with brass hardware and black bellows. I use the resulting negatives I develop to make hand coated platinum/palladium contact prints.
This historic photographic process begins by hand coating 100% cotton rag fine art paper with a solution of platinum and palladium metals that are absorbed and imbedded in the fibers of the paper. The film negative is then positioned on the dried coated paper and exposed to strong ultraviolet light, producing a platinum print the size of the 8”x10” film negative.
Platinum prints are noted for their long tonal scale, luminous highlights, well-distinguished mid-tones and three dimensionality. It is a time consuming, laborious and expensive process but very rewarding when successful. I fell in love with the idea of making one hand coated print at a time. Like a leaf from a tree, each print is unique and no two are exactly alike. For me it is a mystical process, working with precious metals, water, and light."

Robert Finley’s work has exhibited:

Viewpoint Photographic Art Center, Sacramento, CA

Camera Work Gallery, Portland, OR 

Creative Photo Gallery, “7 Antiquarian Photographers,”

  Los Angeles, CA

422 Gallery, Phoenix, AZ



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blue sage


Andy Boatman is a local glassblower and Coffee Slingers regular.  Our front window features an ongoing installation of his eye catching work.  Find out more about him and his fabulous craft at Blue Sage Studios in Oklahoma City (they offer classes!)




We are always looking for new submissions!  If you are a mighty artist looking to reach a large and diverse audience please send samples and inquiries to
We look forward reviewing your work!