Los Bellotos - El Salvador (12oz)

Los Bellotos - El Salvador (12oz)



Cup Characteristics
Delicate Florals, Citrus, and Brown Sugar

Country: El Salvador
Producer: Maria and Alfredo Pacas
Farm: Los Bellotos
Elevation Range: 1438 to 1651 masl
Varietals: Red Bourbon
Process: Washed
* Relationship Coffee

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This new Finca from Maria and Alfredo Pacas is on a young Volcano with delicate soil and the perfect terrior to cultivate this delicate aroma and flavor. 

Maria and Alfredo Pacasare the poster heroes for the new generation of coffee producers returning to the demanding job of growing the highest quality coffee. They are young, energetic, quality focused and bursting with vision. They are fusing the best of the old ways of doing things (like Agovio Para, well shaded fincas, older varietals and careful soil management) with cutting edge analysis, techniques and discipline.

The Pacas family has been growing coffee in El Salvador for three generations. They are the same family that discovered the “pacas” bourbon varietal.