Yellow Bourbon

Yellow Bourbon



Country: El Salvador
Producer: Dumont's
Farm: Finca Malacara “B” 
Harvest Period: January through March
Elevation Range: 1400 to 1600 masl
Varietals: Yellow Bourbon
Process: Washed

Notes: Tangy, Black Cherry, Butterscotch

From the same farm as our Malacara and Orange Bourbon comes this Yellow Bourbon. Yellow Bourbon is a variety of coffee that is a natural mutation in the bourbon coffee plant which ripens the color of the fruit to a yellow skin. Typically when ripe the bourbon variety comes out red. The care that goes into growing, harvesting, and processing this coffee is more involved than your typical coffee cherry. It requires a very trained eye to know when the cherry is ripe enough to pick and process. Slightly more tangy and sweet than the orange bourbon this is definitely worth trying out!



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