Cruz Gorda Natural (12oz)

Cruz Gorda Natural (12oz)


Rambutan, Berries, Vanilla, Caramel Brulee

Country: El Salvador
Region: Cerro los naranjos
Producer: Mauricio A Salaverria
Farm: Cruz Gorda
Mill: Divisadero micro mill, Ataco
Elevation Range: 1500 masl
Varietals:  Bourbon, Pacas
Process: Natural Process
Dried: Raised beds

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This will the 2nd year building a relationship with Mauricio and his fincas.  The secret of this farm coffee lies in its reddish clay, Soft soils, shade and the perfect picking and processing at Divisadero micromill.  
Mauricio A Salaverria is a culinary minded, full of energy and always finding unique ways to improve and or stay creative with his processing and varietal experimenting.   This will be the first natural processed coffee we have offered.  The clean natural coming form El Salvador mastered by the hands of Mauricio will blow your mind.