Brew Better Workshop

Brew Better Workshop



Next Workshop April 20th @ 2pm

Our Brew Better Workshop is a hands on laboratory that explores 6 basic essentials of coffee brewing; grind size, coffee to water ratios, time, temperature, turbulence, and water quality. The instructor will illustrate these principles using various manual brewing equipment. We will focus on Chemex and Phoenix70 pour-overs, french press, cold brew, aeropress and whatever else comes up! Hands on brewing as a group is always fun! 

After purchase we will reserve your space(s).

**We also offer 15% discount on all brew equipment and retail items on the same day as the workshop.

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$20 gives you a spot in the class and special pricing on brewing equipment.

*Payments and sign up must be in no later then 7p the day before class. Non refundable ticket.

Brew better coffee at home:

"Just wanted to say thanks for the great class last week. I had a blast and feel very prepared to jump in and start figuring out how to make good coffee at home." -Clay Collum

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