a science and an art

The roasting process is a complex and tantalizing endeavor that is almost as addictive as the caffeine found in each coffee.  

Once coffee is put into the roaster*, a series of chemical reactions take place in response to the application of heat. These reactions are key to turning something unpalatable into a deliciously aromatic beverage.

Roasting is truly a culinary craft that requires an attention to detail, motivated by the elusive pursuit of delivering the perfect cup. Every decision made in the roasting process is informed by the experience we have gained from being in relationship with our producers, farmers, millers, and importers. Once roasted we are diligent to taste every single coffee, using the SCA's** (Specialty Coffee Association) standard cupping forms, in order to further inform our approach to each coffee.

Coffee is an ever changing agricultural and seasonal product that is abundant in variety. Each year we expect to learn something new as we navigate these different varieties, processes, and origins. We have to adapt to these differences by taking the time to understand each individual coffee intimately.

The goal for us at Coffee Slingers Roasters is to highlight the terroir of each region by roasting to taste. For this reason we are intentional about not roasting anything dark, as this kills the nuances of fragrance, aroma, and acidity, and leaves you with just the characteristics of the roast.

There is a definite human connection and relationship surrounding coffee and we'd love to share a moment with you over a cup. Please contact us or visit us in our shop for questions, concerns, or just to talk about coffee! 


*We roast on a 25 kilo Probat Steel Drum roaster. Check out their website:

**SCA is a non-profit organization focused on delivering quality resources and education. Check out their website: