We want to delight you by sharing these seeds from trees delivered to you.  The respect and appreciation for this amazing fruit, rendered with the right hands, becomes an amazing drink.  A craft that takes skill, practice, and the willingness to undergo endless learning curves to bring these details of quality to the surface to be enjoyed.  From the producer, to the farmers, to the mill, and all of the delicate decisions made on the cupping table, into our production and finally in to your cup. The details matter.

This is an ever changing agriculture seasonal product.  We are relationship coffee and hand built beverages.   We use time, temperature, sight, smell, sound and taste to guide us through the roasting process.  These seeds teach us something new every day. New origins and new crops, we have to take the time to understand each coffee to find the roasting profile that will bring out the nuances of the territory of each origin. There is a community and a definite human connection over coffee.

Coffee Slingers Roasters opened on an almost empty Broadway as one of the first retail shops in 2008.  Envisioning a growing downtown Oklahoma City and braved it.  Coffee Slingers Roasters  wanted to share mind blowing coffee in little cups made with care  that would almost be eccentric to some.  Not so eccentric to most now.  The foundation of this company was built on a basis of well worn, proven work experiences and many years in the coffee industry and is now blooming into a huge micro coffee culture in the land of milk and honey.

“Truth crushed to earth will rise again” and ask for another demitasse.  Come enjoy coffee with us.