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We are a direct relationship coffee roasting company. We source our green bean coffee at it's origin. Each year we visit the farms during harvest and get a first hand look at the landscape and human hands that nurture the coffee we roast. By taking this journey, we get to personally know the producers of our coffee and their families. This kind of relationship results in having access to top-notch quality with true transparency. Getting a glimpse of the story behind each coffee we roast fuels our ongoing passion and curiosity. Our aim, here at Coffee Slingers Roasters, is to showcase our coffees by bringing out the inherent beauty of each single origin through artful roasting. 

As a wholesale relationship member of Coffee Slingers Roasters, you are a part of this seed to cup journey. You will have access to coffee knowledge, brewing consultation, on site support and more. This will ensure that your restaurant, cafe, or office is getting the very best of what Coffee Slingers Roasters has to offer.  

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