Huckleberry Espresso Blend (12oz)

Huckleberry Espresso Blend (12oz)


Cup Characteristics: Berries, Dark Chocolate, Floral Citrus

340g Bag

Country: El Salvador (70%), Guatemala (30%),
Elevation Range: 1400 to 1950 masl
Process: washed, semi washed, honey process
* Relationship Coffee

Volume 30-35 ml
Temp 201.5-202. degrees
Dose 19-20g
Time 28-31 sec

*We Roast on Monday and Ship on Tuesday

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To be one's huckleberry is to be the right one for a given job. A synonym for a humble amount, a little bit, just enough. Something inconsequential and utterly essential at the same time. A sweet smidgen. The right stuff we'll call it, within a thorn prick of perfection.