Revelaciones (12oz)

Revelaciones (12oz)



Cup Characteristics: 


350g Bag

Country: Guatemala
Region: Fraijanes
Producer: Ellen de Prentice
Elevation Range: 1750 masl
Process: Washed
Dried: Patio
Varietals: Bourbon

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 1971, a horse lover bought a farm nestled in the mountains of Fraijanes, Guatemala, with the intent of lodging his horses. A few years later, he was transferred because of work reasons. His daughter, who remained in Guatemala, was left in charge of the farm. Having studied Agriculture, she started to tend the few hectares of coffee that the farm had and planted most of the remaining land with coffee, with the exception of the natural forests. After inheriting her piece of the original farm, a total of 27 hectares, she proceeded to name it Finca de Dios, in memory of her father who had dedicated his land to God. Since then the family has been building the necessary infrastructure, including a wet mill, and striving to produce the highest quality coffee. Even though small in comparison to most of the big coffee farms, we agree with the saying “that some of the best things in life come in small packages.”

Now with the third generation involved, the Prentice family continues to increase quality and strengthen relationship with roasters from around the world in hopes of continuing to improve the farm and the community around them in a transparent and sustainable way.